What a beautiful story of prayer in Genesis 24:1-54.

The prayer story begins with Abraham’s statement to his servant, “He (God) will send His angel before you, and you can take a wife for my son from there” (v.7). For Abraham to make that statement, I believe Abraham had to be praying for and about a wife for Isaac.

Skip to v.12 The slave prays to God. Where did he learn about this God of Abraham and where did he learn to pray? Abraham must have been quite the man of the household, spiritual leader. Remember that all the males of the household, including slaves had to be circumcised. This slave was under the covenant and Abraham was responsible for those in his household under the covenant. Abraham taught his servant to pray. The slave begins his prayer by acknowledging God and then prays specifically for his need — according to God’s will. With Abraham sending his slave and believing he had been praying about this I believe the slave is praying according to God’s will.

Was it God’s will for Isaac to have a wife from Abraham’s family? You bet. Just look at how God answered that prayer. Is it coincidence that Rebekah was from the family of Abraham or that she shows up right when she does? God is amazing and shows Himself when we pray. God answered that prayer just as the slave prayed it. That is confidence in prayer. This is where prayer warriors are born. But you need to pray before you see results.

What was the response of the slave to his answered prayer? V.26-27 The man bowed down and worshipped the Lord! What a beautiful response to answered prayer. Today prayer is so often reading off a list and when prayer is answered we don’t even take the time to thank our Lord. It never ceases to amaze me how many prayer requests people share but when asked for praises it becomes silent. Is God not answering prayer?

After that what did the man do? He shared. He testified of God and His provision by telling about how God worked in this situation from the initial prayer to the answer from God! . . . .

What I learned from this passage:

1) Learn how to pray. 2) Pray specifically. 3) Pray according to God’s will. 4) Praise God and thank Him for answered prayer. 5) Tell others what He has done — this exalts Him and it gets people excited about prayer.

Hoping your prayer life is a blessing both to you and our Lord God.

Continually seeking Him,



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