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Lord, My Inheritance

The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot. 
Psalm 16:5

My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalms 73:26 NASB

The Lord is my portion; I have promised to keep Your words.
Psalms 119:57 NASB

I cried out to You, Lord; I said, “You are my refuge, My portion in the land of the living.
Psalms 142:5 NASB

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I wait for Him.”
Lamentations 3:24 NASB

🌹Because the Lord God is your portion. HE IS SUFFICIENT!

Prayer: Lord God, You are my inheritance, support, the strength of my heart and my refuge. You are my portion amongst the living so I will keep You words and wait on You. Thank You God for Your blessings. Your inheritance is beautiful to me.

🌹🌹The measuring lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; Indeed, my inheritance is beautiful to me.
Psalm 16:6

Continually Seeking Him,



As for the saints who are on the earth, They are the majestic ones; all my delight is in them.  
The pains of those who have acquired another god will be multiplied; I will not pour out their drink offerings of blood, Nor will I take their names upon my lips. 
Psalms 16:3-‬4 NASB

How important is it for you to fellowship with other believers? Hopefully it is your delight for it will help keep you from the pain of following false gods. False gods are anything or anyone that is more important to you than following God in trusting obedience.

🌹I am a companion to all those who fear You, And to those who keep Your precepts.
Psalms 119:63 NASB

Continually Seeking Him,


No Greater Relationship

I said to the Lord , “You are my Lord; I have nothing good besides You.”  Psalm 16:2

More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them mere rubbish, so that I may gain Christ,
Philippians 3:8 NASB

Nothing better than a personal, intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ! He is all we need.

🌹 Is Jesus your everything?

Continually Seeking Him,


My Refuge

Protect me, God, for I take refuge in You.
Psalm 16:1

Show Your wonderful faithfulness, Savior of those who take refuge at Your right hand From those who rise up against them.  Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings
Psalms 17:7‭-‬8 NASB

In You, Lord , I have taken refuge; Let me never be put to shame; In Your righteousness rescue me.
Psalms 31:1 NASB

🌹 By Your faithfulness and righteousness, Lord God, I find refuge.

Continually Seeking Him,


Seek and Confess

and he went out to meet Asa and said to him, “Listen to me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin: the Lord is with you when you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you.
2 Chronicles 15:2 NASB

“Therefore, everyone who confesses Me before people, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. 

But whoever denies Me before people, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 10:32‭-‬33 NASB

And blessed is any person who does not take offense at Me.”
Matthew 11:6 NASB

🌹How much is God a part of your life? Does He have all your being? Hope is found in  seeking God continually. When walking with Him continually you experience Him and can’t help but confess Him before others.

Continually Seeking Him


Eternal Praise

And, “You, Lord, in the beginning laid the foundation of the earth, And the heavens are the works of Your hands;
Hebrews 1:10‭ NASB

They will perish, but You remain; And they all will wear out like a garment,
Hebrews 1:11 NASB

— Raise your eyes to the sky, Then look to the earth beneath; For the sky will vanish like smoke, And the earth will wear out like a garment And its inhabitants will die in the same way. But My salvation will be forever, And My righteousness will not fail.
Isaiah 51:6 NASB

And like a robe You will roll them up; Like a garment they will also be changed. But You are the same, And Your years will not come to an end.”
Hebrews 1:12 NASB

— Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8 NASB

🌹Thank You, God, that Your salvation is forever and Your righteousness will not fail. You have always been, You are and You will always be!! May we find hope, peace and abundant praise for You in knowing Your years will not come to an end. Amen

Continually Seeking Him,


Pray for Who?

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 
But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 
so that you may prove yourselves to be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 
Matthew 5:43‭-‬45 NASB

🌹Now more than ever, let us pray for our enemies. Pray for those who oppose God’s will, His way.

Continually Seeking Him,


Impossible is Possible

And the Lord looked at him and said, “Go in this strength of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian. Have I not sent you?”
Judges 6:14 NASB

God does not send that He does not equip. Go in the strength of the Lord.

But he said to Him, “O Lord, how am I to save Israel? Behold, my family is the least in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father’s house.”
Judges 6:15 NASB

But Jesus said to him, “ ‘If You can?’ All things are possible for the one who believes.”
Mark 9:23 NASB

Looking at them, Jesus *said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”
Mark 10:27 NASB

God can do extraordinary things through the “least” of people. All He wants is a willing, surrendered and obedient heart.

Yet the Lord said to him, “I will certainly be with you, and you will defeat Midian as one man.”
Judges 6:16 NASB

God is with us. We do not face anything He calls us to alone.

I am the vine, you are the branches; the one who remains in Me, and I in him bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.
John 15:5 NASB

🌹God calls us to go in Him. In His strength. In His power. To accomplish the impossible for His will and purpose. Even little ol you.

Continually Seeking Him,