Happy Father’s Day

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and had such a great response I thought I would share it here. Simply to God’s glory!

Happy Father’s Day to the most Majestic, Awesome, Compassionate, Caring, Loving, Mighty, Pure, Holy, Father I have ever known. He knew me before I was and is with me forever. His name is God, the great I AM. How blessed I am to be His. And He loved me so much that He gave me Jesus as a Savior and friend who intercedes for me. He also gave me the Holy Spirit who is my wonderful mentor and teacher. And if that wasn’t enough, He gave me an earthly Father to watch over me and help me to know Him. I am blessed by a great Father of my children who is an example of our Father God. God continues to bless me with Father’s all around me adding the Father of my soon to be grandchild. All these earthly Fathers are a blessing given to me by the Best Father ever. Thank you God for being my Abba Father and Happy Father’s Day!!!

Continually seeking Him,



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