Destruction or Help

It is your destruction, O Israel,
That you are against Me, against your help. –Hosea 13:9

Most people will agree that “Life is hard”. Some see more hardships than others. Some blame God thinking they deserve blessing but only see hardship. Sin has brought the hardships. I believe some hardships come to get our attention, some bring the growth of perseverance and trust in the Lord, and some is for discipline, consequences for our actions.

Some stay away, run from, deny Christ because “He hasn’t blessed me, given me anything”. Denial of God is definitely denying our help in life. God’s help.

Evaluation time. . . Are hardships you are experiencing now –God trying to get your attention, trials that are growing you or are you denying God?

God is our help in times of trouble. Are you seeking Him?

Continually seeking Him,



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