8 thoughts on “Needed Prayer

    • Read God’s Word. Prayer. Seek and focus on Jesus as I walk through my day. I talk to Him all day long which helps me remember that He is with me always and is there no matter what my day may bring. I also remind myself that Jesus suffered and died on the cross for me so whatever I face each day will probably not be that bad. Weighing my circumstance against what Christ did for me strengthens my faith. Thank you for the question. I enjoyed the challenge which also strengthened my faith. God bless your day.


      • You’re welcome. I realized that when I bare my testimony it makes it stronger too. I think the fact that we have to verbalize what we feel makes us go deep searching for it.

        I would love to talk about testimonies and other religions topics.
        You could find me on facebook on this page https://www.facebook.com/cookiecarvalho and we could talk more.

        Hope to hear from you soon


  1. I really like your quote and I agree,that is the only way we can communicate with Our Heavenly Father if we need his help in our mortal journey.So Sharon why do you think prayer is so important to you?


    • No relationship can thrive, grow, become strong and intimate without communication. I desire to know and be as close (near) to God as I can and prayer draws me near so He will draw near to me. Thank you for the question. It helped me to really evaluate what I believe. Have a blessed day.


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