Feast Or Famine

It is as I have spoken to Pharaoh: God has shown to Pharaoh what He is about to do. Behold, seven years of great abundance are coming in all the land of Egypt; and after them seven years of famine will come, and all the abundance will be forgotten in the land of Egypt, and the famine will ravage the land. So the abundance will be unknown in the land because of that subsequent famine; for it will be very severe. — Genesis 41:28-31

Then let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming, and store up the grain for food in the cities under Pharaoh’s authority, and let them guard it. Let the food become as a reserve for the land for the seven years of famine which will occur in the land of Egypt, so that the land will not perish during the famine.” — Genesis 41:35-36

Have you heard the expression “feast or famine”? Sounds like this fits the bill for this portion of Scripture. Most times when I hear this expression it isn’t spoken very cheerfully and it is usually spoken when things, like finances, are too few or when things are so busy that you can’t think straight.

How would life be different if we lived it in moderation? Self discipline goes along way with this idiom. When we are blessed with an abundance, do we still live the same lifestyle for the times when life is a little lean? Do we look at our schedules and try to jam them so full that we can’t find the time for Jesus or others? How about those times when our schedule is empty, do we spend more time with Jesus or go visit a friend or better yet, go to a park and share the gospel with unbelievers?

Is your life full of the ups and downs of feasting and then facing famine? Would you like a more disciplined life of moderation? Seek Jesus and trust Him for all your needs and let Him fill your schedule as you peacefully wait on Him. Your life will be different and more worthwhile.

Continually seeking Him,




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