Seek and Find

 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. — Jeremiah 29:13

Remember playing hide and seek as a kid? Someone would seek others after they went and hid. Well many people think that God is hidden. They don’t believe there is a God because He is not seen. Well this verse is the key to finding Him.

If you really seek to know the truth you will find it. If you are open-minded and not afraid to search for the truth you will find the truth. See that it also says, “with all your heart”. It shouldn’t be a half-hearted attempt. Many people have researched (sought) to find the truth and found the Truth, Jesus Christ.

Our Creator has instilled in us a desire to know Him. We can and have suppressed that thirst to seek Him and if not corrected we will end up missing out on the greatest relationship of our life – knowing “The Almighty God” personally.

So if you are not afraid of the truth try seeking and see if His promise to you, “seek Me and find Me” doesn’t come true.

Continually seeking Him,


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