Godliness Holds Promise

for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. — 1 Timothy 4:8

Bodily discipline can make you healthier, stronger, more flexible, thinner, and/or feel better overall. BUT, no matter how disciplined you are physically, it will not get you to heaven. Physical activity relieves stress, refreshes the mind and gets the blood pumping which is great. BUT, it holds no promise for the life to come.

It’s not about quitting exercise and spending all our time seeking godliness. Just like living for Jesus is living Christ in all we do it is practicing godliness in all we do. Over the last year and a half I started exercising and lost 65 pounds. During this time I drew closer and closer to the Lord. How? When I took my 2-4 mile walks I prayed. I communed with God. I sought godliness from the Master of godliness. I experienced (and still do) what it must have been like for Adam and Eve or Elijah.

I benefited from my walks because I felt better and lost weight but it does not compare to the awesome walk I am having with the Almighty God of the universe!!!! My healthier lifestyle just adds to the ability I now have to serve Him more diligently.

My body is more physically disciplined now but it will still die one day. My walk with God is beneficial for me now and will continue into eternity. I envision talking with God as Elijah did and walk right into heaven. Now that holds promise for the life to come.

Continually seeking Him,


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