Isaac and Rebekah’s Prayers

Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was barren; and the Lord answered him and Rebekah his wife conceived. But the children struggled together within her; and she said, “If it is so, why then am I this way?” So she went to inquire of the Lord. — Genesis 25:21-22

Two phrases here stood out to me this morning, “Isaac prayed on behalf of his wife” and “She went to inquire of the Lord”.

In this self-centered, self-focused world it is refreshing to read how a husband prayed for the desire of his wife, according to God’s will (that man should procreate).

And I find it so true to life that sometimes when we get what we desire it isn’t always pleasant or as we expected. As is the case with Rebekah. But don’t miss this. Where did she go in her distress? To inquire of the Lord.

Today we are so quick to pray for ourselves and our desires, for things of this world instead of for the ways or purpose of God. When was the last time you prayed sincerely for your significant other (spouse, fiance, boy or girl friend)? Or your parent, sibling, mother-in-law? Do we even know their spiritual desires or needs?

When was the last time you went to God first with your distress, worries, problems? Or is your significant other, best friend, co-worker, therapist, etc. the first one you run to?

We have an all knowing, all loving God who would love to hear from us on a daily basis. Even a minute by minute basis sharing our burdens, desires, requests for His will in our lives as well as in the lives of others.

Who do you know that needs your prayers today?

Continually seeking Him,



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