The Mighty One, God, the Lord!

The Mighty One, God, the Lord, has spoken, And summoned the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God has shone forth.
Psalms 50:1-2 NASB

GOD. THE Supreme Being. Eternal. Superior. Creator and Ruler of all. Infinite in all attributes. Worthy of my worship!
THE MIGHTY ONE. Superior Strength. I will seek His face and strength.
THE LORD. Has authority, control, power over all. I surrender to my Lord as my Master, my Chief, my Ruler.

I could stop right here as this says so much, leaving my jaw dropped to the ground in awe. No one can compare to Almighty Lord God. But then God spoke. . .

Creator. Summoned the earth by His authority placing it right where He planted it. Complete control is His from the rising of the sun to its setting. Should we not praise the name of the Lord from the rising of the sun to its setting?
Psalms 113:3 NASB

And!!! Through Christ, the perfection of beauty is shown through His death and resurrection awaiting we who know the Mighty One, God, the Lord.

🌹The Lord reigns, let the peoples tremble; He is enthroned above the cherubim, let the earth shake!
Psalms 99:1 NASB

Continually Seeking Him,


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