Because of You

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad because of You. Let those who love Your salvation continually say, “The Lord is great!” — Psalm 40:16 (GW)

Because of You, Lord God, I seek You. Because of You I am glad and rejoice in You. Because of You, Lord Jesus, I love Your salvation and I will shout, “The Lord is great!”

Because of You I have life, my Creator. Because of You, my Provider, I have all I ever need for Christ is sufficient. Because of You, my Redeemer, I am forgiven and washed as white as snow. Because of You I have the capacity to love since You first loved me.

Because of You, magnificent, Perfect, all Powerful, all knowing, ever present God, I will tell of Your greatness, Your love, Your salvation and peace. The Lord is great!

Because of You . . .

Continually seeking Him,



2 thoughts on “Because of You

    • Thank you Pastor. In all my relationships I hope that I am relaying my love for our wonderful, marvelous God. You continue to be a blessing to me. Continually seeking Him, Sharon


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